Funeral Plan

The simplest and no fuss version of a funeral where the body is cremated privately without attendees and the ashes delivered back to the family


Simple Funeral Plan Details

  • Cremation carried out privately at the Crematorium without attendees but supervised by our team
  • Administrative support with preparation of all funeral paperwork and death registration services
  • Liaison directly with the crematorium for all arrangements
  • Bereavement support for members and advice on legal support including probate
  • Collection and transportation of the body in a private ambulance within a 10 mile radius of Greater London within office hours
  • Specialist care for the body in a temperature controlled mortuary environment
  • Basic Coffin
  • Transportation of the coffin to the funeral location in our choice of vehicle
  • Cremation carried out privately supervised by our team
  • Hand delivery of the ashes to you by our team (ashes can be collected directly from the crematorium)
  • The full cost of the cremation is guaranteed within this plan
  • Attendance at the crematorium on the day of the cremation
  • Choices of music, photos or readings at the crematorium
  • Flexibility to choose the time and date of the service
  • Liaison with Doctors for completion of cremation paperwork including payment of Doctors fee
  • Dressing and preparation of the body in clothes provided
  • Collection and transportation of the body out of office hours including evenings and weekends
  • Single use of a private chapel of rest for viewing of the body during office hours
  • Embalming of the body
  • Removal of pacemaker or any battery powered device
  • Funeral Conductor to guide attendees on the day
  • Provision of professional pallbearers to carry the coffin
  • Limousines for family
  • Funeral procession route
  • Optional extras such as flowers, order of service booklets, newspaper notices and printed photographs
  • Provision of a headstone or memorial
  • Fees for a service at a separate location such as a Church or Home address
  • Funeral Officiants fee
  • Wake venues and catering
  • Purchase of the burial plot (this must be completed directly with the cemetery)

Payment Options Available

Option 1: Single Upfront Payment

You can choose to pay the full cost of the plan upfront in a single payment. Your payment will be securely processed and held by our third party FCA regulated trust at Plans With Grace. Plans With Grace trustees have been specially selected for their track record, integrity, and transparent approach to charges and financial reporting to ensure that your money is always protected and safe in line with FCA regulation.

Total to pay: £1600

Option 2: 12-24 Monthly Instalments

If preferred, you can also choose to split the total cost of the plan into 12 or 24 monthly instalments to spread the cost. There are no additional fees for a monthly instalment plan and the total price will remain the same.

Your payments will be securely processed and held by our third party FCA regulated trust at Plans With Grace. Plans With Grace trustees have been specially selected for their track record, integrity, and transparent approach to charges and financial reporting to ensure that your money is always protected and safe in line with FCA regulation.

12 Monthly Payment: £133

24 Monthly Payments: £67

Total to pay: £1600

Option 3: 24 – 60 Month Instalment Plan

You can also choose to spread the cost of the plan over as much as 5 years with an Instalment plan. This options comes with an additional instalment charge per year to help keep up with inflation. You can choose to still pay a deposit amount upfront or pay off the remaining cost of your plan at any time. 

Your payments will be securely processed and held by our third party FCA regulated trust at Plans With Grace. Plans With Grace trustees have been specially selected for their track record, integrity, and transparent approach to charges and financial reporting to ensure that your money is always protected and safe in line with FCA regulation.

Your funeral plan advisor will be able to let you know the final cost of your chosen instalment plan during the setup process.

Third Party Costs Explained

Disbursement, or third party, costs are essential non-funeral director fees that are paid on your behalf for to third parties for the funeral. For a Simple Cremation plan, the disbursements include the fee paid to the crematorium for the cremation itself. Whilst our other plans do not guarantee the disbursement costs, for this Simple Cremation plan we do guarantee to cover the full cost of this disbursement at the point of the funeral and there will be no difference to pay.

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Why Choose
In Memory Of Life?

As a family run funeral business, we treat each of our families as if they were our own. We will always be guided by your  choices and will do everything we can to facilitate every request. Our team are highly experienced and you can rest assured that you will always be treated with the greatest care and respect.

Many people worry that they may not leave enough money for their funeral after they pass away creating stress for their loved one. By taking out a funeral plan, you can not only clearly express your wishes but you can also cover the cost of the funeral in advance and even spread this cost into small monthly payments over up to 5 years.

Whilst we are a smaller business, your funeral plan payment is held by an independent FCA certified trust, Plan with Grace, so you can rest assured your money will be protected in any eventuality. A funeral plan also ensures you secure the price of the funeral plan as it is today. This is important as, according to independent research from SunLife*, the average cost of dying in the UK has increased by 13% since 2015 and continues to rise each year.

Funeral Plans FAQs

Our Simple cremation plans are available throughout the UK however our Intimate, Traditional or Premium plans are only available throughout the Greater London area. The plans include bringing the body into our care within a 10 mile radius of Greater London.

Unattended cremations for clients will take place at a nominated Crematorium in the UK, with the ashes returned to the family shortly afterwards. Our attended cremations take place at a Crematorium in Greater London. You can express your preference for a specific crematorium within your funeral plan.


Our Simple Plan includes what is known as a direct cremation. This is where the body is cremated privately under the supervision of our team, without family members directly in attendance on the day of the funeral. The ashes are then returned to the family to celebrate and commemorate the person’s life as they choose. 

Our Intimate, Traditional and Premium plans include an attended cremation. This is the more traditional route which involves family members attending the crematorium on the day of the funeral for a funeral service in the chapel.

When you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan you fix the price of your funeral or cremation forever which means that your family will not have to pay anymore for what is included in your plan.

Our Simple Funeral Plan also guarantees the cost of the cremation itself from the crematorium, whereas our other plans include a contribution towards this third party cost. If there is a difference between the contribution and the eventual third party cost for the cremation or burial, we will inform the family at the time of the funeral. Other items not included in the funeral plan may include things such as catering and flowers which will need to be paid for separately.


Plan with Grace are our FCA regulated partner who will take care of processing your payment and looking after the money within your funeral plan until it is enacted and arranged by us at In Memory Of Life. As an FCA regulated company, you can rest assured that your money will always be protected and safe for the duration of your plan.


Just like other funeral plan providers in the UK, we use a Trust to safeguard the funds needed to meet funeral expenses.

Monies are held securely in the Plan with Grace  Funeral Payment Trust. The custodian trustee is Apex Group Ltd., a global financial services provider. With over 40 offices worldwide and 3,000+ employees, Apex delivers a broad range of solutions to asset managers, capital markets and private clients. The Group has continually improved and evolved its service suite to cover three key pillars: fund solutions, financial solutions and corporate solutions. Apex administers over $650 billion in assets globally. Apex provides a range of trustee services to corporate and private clients through its legal entity, Apex Corporate Trustees (UK) Limited.

Managed by Saranac Partners, Plan with Grace is an independently owned and operated investment management business that has a London based team of over 50 experienced professionals. These investment professionals have a broad range of experience and expertise drawn from careers with a variety of pre-eminent financial institutions and family offices. Saranac specialise in managing unconstrained, high conviction portfolios for a variety of ultra-high net worth families and institutions. They focus on absolute returns across the cycle. Saranac Partners are based on St James’s Street in London and they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The trust accounts are produced and audited annually by Kirk Rice. Established in 1989, Kirk Rice is a leading independent firm of accountants, tax advisors, and financial advisors with offices in North Hampshire, Berkshire and London.

David Downie is the Managing Director (SSAS & Actuarial) of WBR Group and has accrued over 30 years of experience in Pensions & Actuarial Consultancy, including holding the IFoA certificate of Scheme Actuary to several Defined Benefit Schemes. David trained under two of the largest consulting actuarial firms and is responsible for all actuarial services provided by WBR Group.

David is a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Funeral Plans Working Party and has spent the last 2 decades advising Trustees of several Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Trusts, both in their establishment and the ongoing management of the Trusts.


When you choose to pay for your funeral plan over two or more years, you receive the Plan With Grace Promise. This means that if you pass away after you have made the first 24 monthly payments but before your plan is fully paid, and your monthly payments are up to date, then we will still provide all the services included in your plan.


Your plan can be upgraded at anytime, for example to an attended funeral instead of a direct cremation. Your family would need to pay the difference in the price of the funeral they upgrade to, and the price paid for the funeral plan. 


Yes, you can take out a plan for anyone else. All correspondence will be sent directly to the person arranging the plan and confidentiality is assured.


Yes. There are no age limits to acceptance if the plan is paid in full. Should you choose to pay for your funeral plan monthly the maximum term is 5 years and the monthly payments must be completed by your 80 birthday; as an example, this means that if you are 77 years old the maximum term available would be 3 years. There are no medical exclusions and no health checks or questions.


If you die abroad, repatriation costs will be incurred. Please check that your normal travel insurance policy covers this; funeral plans do not include repatriation.

If you die on holiday within the mainland of the United Kingdom there are no additional fees. Our funeral plans include collection from anywhere in mainland UK.

You can pay for your funeral plan by credit or debit card, or if you are paying monthly, you can also pay by direct debit or standing order.


In Memory of Life is an appointed representative of Plan with Grace which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number: 961832

*Sunlife annual Cost of Dying reports show the average cost of dying in 2015 was £8,126 and now sits at £9,200 in 2023